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                    Reg Pauley 


The aim of A.R.G.O.S is to document all aspects of aviation history on and around the Orkney and Shetland Isles. These include:

Recording and documenting Aircraft crash sites both on land and underwater.  

         Corsair              Dan wise 


Documenting sites of airstrips and air bases from both the RAF and FAA.


Research and document Balloon Barrage sites, Anti Aircraft gun sites and search light stations.

Barrage Balloon           AA Gun              searchlight


If you have any information on any of the above please get in touch and help us complete our archive.


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 For further information on  ARGOS please Contact: Kevin Heath.... kjh1702@aol.com

 Or Dave Earl ... the.dukeof@gmail.com 

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you find it of interest.


                         If you enjoyed our site please sign our Guestbook.


 Top Photo :  Far Left:  Sgt Reg H. Pauley & classmates training in Canada. Reg was killed in Spitfire X4108 in Rendall on 24th September 1941. Photo courtesy Reg Pauley, pilot`s nephew via Dave Earl.


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All rights reserved. Due to the imense amount of research that enabled us to build this site we would like to point out that all material on this website is owned by A.R.G.O.S  though photos are credited to their repective owners. Anyone wishing to use material for their own website or any other purpose are requested to contact us first expressing their wishes. Permission will usually be granted to none profit making ventures, i.e. websites for educational and/or historical purposes, though a link to this website and aknowledgement to the original owners of any photographs will usually be requested. 

Disclaimer:  A.R.G.O.S is a non-profit, independent non-government funded organization run entirely by enthusiasts and volunteers.  

Images:  With regards to Crown Copyright images all these have now been released under the 50 year rule and are no longer copyrighted. Other images where no credit is given were found in the public domain, and these are usually where no details of a photographer or owner have been provided. If you own any of these said images, then please contact us and we would be more than happy to give acknowledgement or remove these if so requested.                            

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